A Division of Hellenic LLC.

Incorporated in Louisiana on November 23, 1946 as Twenty Grand, Inc., the Company originally operated a freezer ship following WWII as part of an ongoing shrimping operation in Mexican waters. Reacting to the loss of the Mexican Concessions, The Company returned to the Northern Gulf of Mexico and began providing transportation services to the emerging offshore oil and gas exploration industry.

Following several years of success, Twenty Grand and its related enterprises, offered the public an opportunity to invest in its success with an IPO in 1964. However, after only four years of public involvement, the organization merged its transportation business with Tidewater Marine, Inc. in 1968.

Retaining various unmerged portions of its operations, Twenty Grand, Inc. changed its name to Hellenic, LLC. and continues to operate several enterprises today. Rio Fuel & Supply, Lakeside Service and Inglewood Investments continue to operate as divisions of Hellenic LLC.